Monday, July 28, 2008

From Kenya to Tanzania....

This blog is being typed from the wood floor of Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania. We were only able to check the internet once this week, so we are unsure as to who is picking us up, when they are picking us up, when/if Hallie’s flight is coming in tonight. There is an information booth, but no one is there, we have a phone, but no service. This is truly an adventure! We had a fabulous time in Kenya. I can hardly believe that our time there is over. We had the pleasure of serving with 35 amazing people who poured their hearts and souls into the community of Joska. We played hard but worked harder and connected with the community in spite of our differences. We were reminded that life is not about the accumulation of things, but the relationship you have with others and especially the one we have with Our Lord Jesus Christ. We hugged babies and laughed with their mothers/ caretakers. We painted the roof of a tin building and dug a trench that will one day bring clean water to the community. We got to know men and women in the community who have not only physical strength that far exceeds what we thought was possible, but also inspiring spiritual and emotional strength. Paul, who lost his home when the riots occurred back in January, came out and pick axed the ground with the strength of three men. At this time the clean water will not reach his house, but he was moved by what it will do for the community. We were encouraged that at times we may feel like we don’t have much to give but that God rewards those who show up. Our hearts were broken by the poverty and lack of basic needs, but they were filled with overwhelming joy when seeing a smile on the kids’ faces or playing soccer with the youth. We left Joska with tears in our eyes, but memories to last a lifetime and pictures to share with everyone. – Joska team we love you and are praying for your safe return to the states.

My feet are falling asleep as I type this sitting on the hard floor of the airport. One hour and we are still unsure as to our next move. Stephanie is working hard to get us in touch with someone. Let go and Let God. – When you read this post it means that A- we got to the hostel (where we are staying for the next few days) B- we meet up with Hallie and C- we got internet access so no worries ;)

We must thank the kind Africans for letting us use their cell phones to call America. Sorry mom and dad Naglich for the missed call we will be in touch soon. A special thanks to daddy Buchanan for the helpful info!!! Sorry if we worried anyone!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First and Only Blog from America

Time has never flow like it has these last few days. Between packing, broken down cars, multiple trips to Wall-mart, Target and Kroger, for the bare necessities, and finally booking our travel from Kenya to Tanzania we have been quite busy. Oh did I mention that we found out that we are only allowed one bag each when we fly within Africa - Correct 50lbs for 6 months -EXCUSE ME !?! I went home for a week and had to repack cause I was over 50 lbs. One week - 6 months... let the adventure begin. Our Bible study leader Mrs. Elahe said that maybe God is trying to tell us that less is more. He's speaking loud and clear.

We fly out Friday morning and arrive in Kenya about 30hrs later - After this week I think we could sleep anywhere - event the middle seat of a plane. Thank you for being with us as we chase hard after God and how he wants us to serve him and his children. We are so excited to start our time in Africa with 40 friends from Northpoint and Buckhead Church. Please pray for safety, team unity, and that our hearts would be open for God to change us. In just a matter of days we will be in Africa hanging out with his children - How cool is that? Back to packing