Friday, December 19, 2008

Child Haven...12 kids, never a dull moment!

There's always something exciting going on at Child Haven, whether it's an outing or just around the house!

We ventured out to the Jo'burg Botanical Gardens for Christmas Carols. After a picnic, Mama Amy treated everyone to an ice cream cone, YUM-YUM! And a sweet volunteer got us all Santa hats to add to the festivities.
(p.s. I must remind everyone that it's summer here.)

Christmas carols by candlelight! Everyone had their very own candle...Praise God we only had 1 minor incident with fire!

With 12 kids there's always someone to play with! What's better than playing outside...

They love to do various gymnastic tricks around the yard!

Mpho and Asenda having fun jumping on the trampoline!

Andelie, Nosiphewe, Steph, Chantel, Loraine, Mpho, and Bafana. All just hanging out in the yard...have to take a little break after all the running around.

Last week we had some important guests over for a braii (what South African's call grilling out).

Christy and Mpho relaxing while waiting for the yummy food!

Bafana and Thabiso are great helpers with the braii!

The festivities are over outside, now get excited we're watching High School Musical, again....


Lisa C said...

love the photos, thanks for sharing. It breaks my heart that Ammericans can't adopt these beautiful kids.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of you, and praying for you and those with you. Hope all is well!